The Record Collector / The Vinyl Hype

Probably most of us have this one friend who collects vinyls and goes full-crazy about them all the time. Ah wait, you’re one of them? No? Nevermind.

There are all kinds of arguments you could name whether you think vinyls are over-hyped or actually pretty cool. I for myself just started buying my first 12″s because I like the idea of physical records. CDs aren’t bad, but vinyls add this analogue and  mysterious aura to every record, moreover, the big covers look amazing and the feeling to put the needle on a record and play it is always something exciting.

What do you think about vinyl records?


Picture: “vinyl kills the mp3 industry” by Acid Pix

I am back

Hey there!

Some of you might remember this URL and how it was a place for several small web-projects.

I thought about giving up the domain since the name randomly came up years ago when I was looking for a video game nickname. But I always used domain-based emails so I will just keep it. Since I started my apprenticeship last October, my free time is limited to a really little amount of time but I felt that I could still need a place to express my thoughts and post content outside of social networks or non-personal pages.

I decided to re-launch the page with a fresh installation, a new theme and most likely a new form of content. I’ll mainly post in English but don’t cringe if you see some German knick-knacks every now and then.

The picture above shows my little brother when we had a little walk around “Weißensee” a couple of weeks ago. You can also find the picture on my Flickr profile, feel free to use it under the stated license.

Since there isn’t much content on here yet, check out Sorrow’s latest EP “Hieroglyphics” which is going to be released on Fent Plates records tomorrow. Also feel free to check out the “About“page or leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading,